Breast Revision Surgery in Toronto
In Canada, there are thousands of elective breast surgery procedures performed every year. These surgeries are carried out for a variety of reasons including a desire to reduce the breast size, modify the shape of the breast, correct differences between two breasts or increasing volume of the breasts...

When future surgery is required or occurs on the breast, it is referred to as secondary or revision breast surgery. These surgeries may be indicated for a variety of reasons including normal aging and changes to the body and the breast. They may also be needed as a result of complications related to the initial surgery or implants.

Breast Revision

For women with breast implants, here are the signs that you may be ready for breast revision surgery:
  • Pain within the breast
  • Hardening of a breast implant
  • Feeling a change in the shape of the breast
  • Breast implant shifting out of position
  • A sudden or new swelling of the breast
  • Feeling dissatisfied with the size or weight of the breasts
  • Unhappy with the shape of the breasts
  • New or changing asymmetry between the two breasts

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